oh haha he’s straight too.

bioware’s so full of shit. “most progressive video game company” my ASS.

Having straight people is part of having variety.

You should also know that straight people are a majority IRL (Like it or not, it’s true)

Don’t be such a crybaby about Bioware adding more straight characters. They’ve done a wonderful job with variety and representation. 

Them not doing exactly as you want does not mean they are not good. And if you are thinking of not buying the game just because straight characters EXIST then I am so sorry for you.

isn’t it funny how some people will respond to posts that clearly aren’t interested in anyone’s bs responses and proceed to say the most banal, boring shit? i think that’s funny.

Yes, I am hetero because I disagree with you. Thank you for erasing part of my identity, moron. And you dare complain about a straight character in a game like it was actual erasure just before labelling me as something I am not. 

As for the reply, if you are gonna post publicly, what did you expect, honestly? You post; people are free to reply. 

Grow the fuck up.